It’s Been a LONG Time…

Waking up in the hospital and seeing Fano’s happy face is so precious to me!!! We’ve been through A LOT, with him taking the brunt force of this whole trial, but we finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel!!!!
I’m happy to report that Fano will be able to return to our home here in Massachusetts on May 18th!!!
We’ve known for a while, but I’ve just been scared to jinx it, so I’ve been holding off…BUT, I thought it was about time:-)
I’m training everyday with different nurses, CNA’s, therapists, etc, and they’re teaching me how to do everything that they do so that I’ll be able to take care of Fano when he leaves the hospital. It’s A TON of stuff, but it’s so fun, and I’m just happy to do whatever I can to get him out of here!!!
If you read my Facebook status today, you will have seen that I put the fistula needles in Fano’s arm today for the first time!!! It wasn’t bad at all:-) once they told me that I couldn’t cause any damage to him, I was fine. And i had to do that because I will be giving Fano dialysis at home using the awesome NextStage machine!
I’m literally so busy getting things set up for Fano. I want everything to be PERFECT for him because he deserves it!!!
I just want to thank everyone for all of your support and prayers and love!!! We can’t begin to express how much your support has meant to us!!!
I’ll continue to keep u posted…much love;-)

Why Is Everything So COMPLICATED???

Alright, so first, before I go into my rant, Fano is doing better!!! He’s actually almost to the point that he was at before he got sick…which is really good!!!

The antibiotics worked and his health is back on track!!! Thank you Heavenly Father!!!

So now that he’s back on track, there is unfortunately no discharge plan for Fano. He can’t go home unless I learn how to run the dialysis machine….or so I thought…

I was under the impression that if I just learned to do the home hemo dialysis that Fano could come back home, BUT I’m learning (just now >:-( ) that there’s SO much more to it than that!!! Killing me!!!!

All the different Drs that he has need to come together and determine if it’s even POSSIBLE for him to go home. Then they new to make sure that his insurance will cover everything that he will need. Then this, then that…

And meanwhile, Fano’s really sad, upset, and frustrated, telling me “I want to go home!!!”

Well, all I can do is continue to do all that I can for him and pray that everything will work out. The Lord has a plan. Much luv!!!


Fano has pneumonia. He’s being treated for it at Baystate Medical Center. The Drs here have been running tests to rule out anything else. Tomorrow they will test to see if he had any seizures. They will be checking for seizures because Fano isn’t really responding to anyone…not Nina or Chris, or me.
We, including the Drs., are hopeful that Fano’s mental abilities will return as he gets better.
Continue your prayers…thank you all for your love!!!

Unfortunately, Spoke Too Soon

Urgh!!! I hate to be writing this, but Fano is back in the ER at Baystate hospital:-(
It’s been a crazy day for us, but for Fano, it’s been really hard.
I don’t have much information, so I’ll get back later. Please pray for him…I know you guys do anyways, but he could really use those prayers now;-)
Much love!

Moving Forward

Fano’s doing good! His most recent surgery, which consisted of removing infected bone from the wound on his backside, went WELL…(so happy to say)…and because of that his wound is healing!!!
Fano is getting stronger! His second leg amputation seemed to really help his health! He still has the trach, and hasn’t been able to talk in a while. The trach is problematic because there isn’t a dialysis center that Fano can go to, besides the one at the hospital he’s at, that will take a patient on a trach. Unless I learn how to run the dialysis machines at home, OR unless the trach comes out, Fano will have to stay at Kindred.
I have an appointment next week with the women in charge of home hemodialysis in the hopes of starting my training in giving home hemodialysis to Fano so that he can come back to the house here in Mass a lot sooner.
The Lord has been extremely good to us…especially Fano and I’m hopeful that we can bring Fano to our Mass home soon!
Much luv!!!